#1Mask1Life began

the day we decided to answer the call to action when COVID-19 hit Southern California on March 20, 2020, the birthdate of 3TSourcing, LLC. With the core intention to do right and help those in need- 3Tsourcing gathered the community and friends to provide free masks to those who could not access these masks from the Coachella Valley, CA to New York, NY. To date, our friends and community have sewn and donated over 3000 masks, both fabric and disposables to frontline teams, neighbors, friends, and family.

In such unprecedented times…

we reflect on all that has happened since 2020 has begun…the plethora of emotions that have been felt thus far and mental/physical fatigue that many have experienced. We couldn’t help but notice the sliver of hope that began to rise for us as we take this moment to acknowledge all the good that is being done by so many.

So many have rallied when we knocked and said, “hey, we’ve got an idea….”

And more are stepping up to join us on this journey!
Stay tuned….

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